Local and Cross-Border

We are acting on international and local level. On international level we are learning from each other and seek to combine our attitudes, skills and knowledge. On local level we implement the things that we have discussed and learned on international level in order to foster volunteerism. 

Volunteering Youth

We are young and passionate. Our goal is to enhance to youth mobility and volunteering opportunies around the globe. By volunteering the youth can reach both - learn a lot and express themselve. Volunteering is an awesome experience and we are working hard that more young people can make those experiences and that the working conditions of those people already working voluntarily getting better. Let's get active!


We pledge ourself to the values of sustainability. Our project, its results and our impact on society should be long-lasting and sustainable. Contentwise we are especially relying on the concept of permaculture. We deeply believe that it needs a comprehensive approach which includes ecological and social factors and seeks for answers to the questions of our time. We decide how we live and how we produce!

The project "Sustainable Foundations for Sustainable Partnerships" has the aim to strengthen the capacities of all partner organizations in implementing sustainable volunteering possibilities for young people from Africa and Europe by volunteering abroad. The partner organizations for this project are from Cameroon, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Germany. The partners will interact during the project on different levels and several activities will be implemented. There will be a conference to start the project and discuss the dimensions of the topics as well as all activities. Further the project will include mobility activities such as a training for youth workers to get trained in the purpose and philosophies of permaculture in youth work as well as several short job shadowing activities in order for the partners to get to know each other better but also to get to know the reality of volunteering with each partner. The results from the mobility activities as well as the previous experiences of the partners will be put into the development of a curriculum for volunteer services. After a testing phase of one year the partners will re-evaluate this curriculum and officially adapt it as terms for their cooperation in the volunteering sector. To present the results but also to have a platform for promoting volunteering opportunities between the partners and under the same curriculum we have created this website.